Society for Study of Emotion, Affect and Space


SSEAS aims to stimulate interdisciplinary debate on theoretically informed research on the emotional intersections between people and places. These aims are broadly conceived to encourage investigations of feelings and affect in various spatial and social contexts, environments and landscapes. Questions of emotion are relevant to a variety of disciplines across the humanities and social sciences, including history, anthropology, race/gender/cultural studies, philosophy, sociology/social theory, English, economics, education, politics, and social psychology. Many of these traditions are represented among the membership of SSEAS, and the work of the Society transcends disciplinary boundaries.

The main activity of SSEAS members as editors, editorial board members, authors and readers is to support the Society s official journal, Emotion, Space and Society (EMOSPA), as the major publication outlet for research in this field. SSEAS also sponsors the Emotional Geographies conference series.

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